3 New Year’s Resolutions Every Agent can Use

With the beginning of the New Year now upon us, you may be thinking of a New Year’s resolution that you want to strive for in 2019! That said, why not apply that resolution to the work you do as an agent? There are a number of things you can strive to do and improve upon in 2019, but there are three resolutions that are simple yet relevant to any agent! First, strive to obtain one new lead each week—this can more difficult than it sounds, but if you succeed then you’ll end 2019 with 52 new leads, and that’s some truly impressive work! Second, you should strive to post at least once a week on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This may seem simple but commitment your goal is key in staying on top of this resolution! Lastly, get your CE (continuing education) done at least a week prior to when it’s due! This is a goal that will simply take some additional stress off of you, and you’ll be glad you got your work done ahead of time!

Generate New Leads

Every agent knows the importance of generating new leads, so setting a goal to generate at least one new lead per week is something that every agent can get behind! Generating new leads can be difficult at times, and you may find it more difficult to generate these new leads during the typical “offseason” of the real estate season, but there are a number of ways to stay on top of this goal! With so many different strategies to generate new leads, perhaps the best way is to be an active part of the community and ensure that you’re connecting with as many people as possible! In addition, you should be reaching out to past clients during the holiday season and during the New Year, and your relationship with them can lead you to new clients! However you choose to stay on top of this goal, you’ll appreciate the hard work when you end the year with at least 52 new leads!

Don’t Neglect your Social Media Presence

Posting regularly to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, can sometimes seem like a time consuming task and thus take a backseat to other things that you want/need to accomplish. However, having a regular presence on social media is a great way to connect with the community, and it shows people—both past clients and potential clients—that you’re available and active! As technology advances and social media becomes increasingly popular, many of your clients will be regular users of the social media outlets listed! As such, posting at least once per week is a great way to stay in the front of their minds and stand out to potential clients!

Get Ahead on your CE

CE (or continuing education) is a part of every real estate agent’s work-life, and getting ahead and finishing your CE early will save from stress and a potential time crunch down the line! Again, this is something that is often put on the back burner as you tell yourself that you have plenty of time to finish it and there are more pressing needs! However, getting the work done now ensures that you don’t run into a potential conflict later on when the deadline for your CE is knocking on the door!

All of these resolutions are rather simple, and even straightforward, but can be more difficult than you imagine! The key is stay ahead of schedule and constantly remind yourself of the importance of accomplishing the goals that you’ve set! It will mean that there will be extra work to be done, but you’ll appreciate all of the effort when you see the fruits of your labor!

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