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I started my real estate career in SC in 1988, then started teaching in 1991.  When I took my pre-licensing class, I realized it did not prepare me for the test or a career in real estate, so I took up teaching so as that would not happen to my students.  I became a licensed appraiser in SC, and was licensed for several years, until other opportunities started coming into my realm, and I decided to pursue other avenues.  I started teaching in 1999 for a large school in NC and have been teaching in both states ever since. 

I have been a broker, trainer, recruiter, Broker in charge, instructor, and done a little property management, as well as a little commercial.  Education is the key to success in real estate, of that I am certain.  I have helped so many people begin their careers in real estate and trained them the right way, once they were actually in the business, and for that I am so grateful I could help.  I took a leap of faith all those years ago, and I have never looked back.  Hope to see you in one of my classes in the near future.

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