5 steps to getting into real estate

Have you already decided on becoming a Real Estate Agent in North Carolina? Getting into real estate is a big decision and a life-changing choice that can make or break you. There are factors to be considered and hard work up ahead. All of these are a jumble right now so we prepared 5 essential steps to guide you and to make sense to what needs to be done to become a full-fledged real estate agent.

1. Firm Decision

The tricky part of decision making is you do not know if it is the right or wrong decision and you just can’t simply peek into a crystal ball to take a look at a future of your choice. The problem lies in the mindset of the right or wrong decision. Surprisingly there is no right and wrong choice. It is what it is. Whatever you decide on the past will take you to the future. It is how you process and work for that decision to be a success.

Of course, factors include your capability and your current situations. Many realtors started at that point. They would probably advise you to take a calculated risk by keeping your current job before you take off in this venture full time. Although not an easy venture due to its competitiveness in the market, it would be good to research as much as you can before you decide if it is for you or not. Consider also your gut feel. Your intuition can teach you so much.

Get ready to grind. Set your expectations low even for the first year as the usual trend is that you do not take off until the second year.

2. Pre-Licensing School

The next step is to find a reputable pre-licensing school. This is one of the most important steps as it will be your foundation in legitimizing your decision as a real estate agent. Seacoast Real Estate Academy is one of the premier North Carolina Real estate academy schools that can guide you and solidify your foundations in real estate training. From basics to the more complex learnings.

Choosing the best Pre-licensing school such as Seacoast Academy will prepare you for the real world of becoming a real estate agent. Having great foundations and basics will give you the confidence for understanding the “rules of the game”.

For North Carolina, you will need to complete 76 hours of classroom training and in the end, you would need to pass the test to get into the real estate licensing exam. According to many, one should study hard as North Carolina Real Estate licensing exam is relatively the hardest on among all states.

3. Find a Brokerage

Even before you pass the nerve-wracking exams, you might as well eye the best brokerage for you to join. Get to know the best brokerage in your area. Find which brokerage stands out and why. List down the pros and cons.

Find a brokerage that will actually mentor you in becoming self-sufficient and not just the first one you walk into because you are excited to start your real estate agent life. Keep your eye in the game so that you will see the advantage as to what they can do for you, the same as what you can bring on the table.

4. Passing The Exams

Now here comes the exams. There are a few exams you will need to pass to acquire your real estate license:

Real Estate School Test
National Test
State Test
According to statistics only 50% to 60% pass for the first time. So it is recommended to study and study hard.

5. Joining a Brokerage Firm
It is now time to be in the game. The Real Estate Game. Build your skill set. Work with as many agents as you can, new and old. This is where the adage comes in: Practice makes perfect. Practice your scripts, your body language, and people skills. You will get there!

Sea Coast Real Estate Academy can help you succeed in the real estate world both for North and South Carolina. With over 20 years of experience in offering quality education for real estate, Seacoast Real Estate Academy sets you up to win. Seacoast Real Estate Academy also offers post-licensing courses to make sure that you are always updated. Find a class near you!